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How To Market Your Year End Closing Strong In 2018

You need to market your year end strong in 2018. This has been an up year for most businesses. Hopefully your company is one of those. Not to worry if not, there are still three months to go.

So what is your game plan for the last quarter? It has to be focused and aggressive. Now is the time to maximize everything that you have.

Start with a simple plan. Put something together that your crew will understand. It doesn’t do anyone any good if you are the only one who gets it. Your team needs to get it too.


Secondly, lead your people through it. Let each of them know your expectations of each of them. Most importantly show them how to execute it. Make sure it has a beginning, middle and end.

As your plan starts to roll out, it is important that everyone is enthusiastic about it. Don’t let any of the crew start to waffle on anything. Once somebody falls off the band wagon, the whole thing becomes fragile. It is a must that everyone stays engaged.

On your behalf you have to monitor results. I would recommend keeping an eye on what is working. If you find something is going really well, don’t be afraid to kill off some of your pieces and replicate that of what is working.

Buy In

The great thing about all of this is that when results start rolling in, everyone will buy in. Especially if they are tied financially to it. The more skin in the game employees have, the more intense they will be about executing. That goes the same with reaping rewards.

You might be very surprised with how creative they can be when their is a cash benefit for them.

At the end of the day, this all boils down to proper planning. It is about this time that you should be setting your sights on the first quarter as well. Get ahead of the game but just be willing to adjust.

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Here Is A Huge Marketing Secret That Most Won’t Tell You About

Here is a huge marketing secret that most won’t tell you about in 2018. And why won’t they tell you? It is because they are more concerned about their business than your business. They could care less what happens to you as long as they make the sale.

The secret to running a great advertising campaign isn’t just about buying marketing and implementing it. No, the real secret is how you answer those leads at your end.

Think about it. If you spent thousands on a campaign and then dropped the ball when the customers called in or even came in, was it dollars well spent? Will there be any ROI?

Stop The Burn

The reality is you may as well stand in front of your business and light $100 bills on fire if you drop the ball handling the traffic. Sadly this is what it is like to many businesses. Then when it comes to accountability time, everyone complains how the promotion sucked.

What happens next is that the business gets cold feet about running any sort of promotions again and goes back to accepting lower sales numbers and less on their bottom line. They figure that is just the way it goes.

First and foremost, you have to take a hard look at your process of handling traffic. I say it time and time again, but you need to listen to your phone calls. Not to point out the bad but to bring to light the good. Use the other calls as opportunities.


Watch, with a critical eye, how your people handle customers coming in. Are they greeted warmly. Is a needs analysis being done. Is there an upsell being asked for?

These simple steps apply to everything from selling cars to selling meals to selling drinks. Folks, we are all sales people. Another term for bartender? Sales person. Waitress? Sales person. It goes on and on.

So before wasting money on something that you have no hope in getting a return on, set yourself up for success. Look inward first then start driving traffic.

Hit us up if you would like some help with this. We are experts at it. Hope this helps.

It Is Time to Really Sit Down and Look at Your Marketing

It is time to sit down and take a look at your marketing. The first quarter has passed us by. How did you do? Did you hit your goals? More important did you have specific goals set? What did your bottom line look like?

Now that we are in the second quarter, what is your game plan? If you like the results are you going to carry on or will you adjust up? Will you double down?

Seems like a lot of questions I know. But these are how many questions you should be asking and more. Now is the time to adjust if your efforts didn’t give you the results you wanted.

One of the things that I have seen over the years is absolutely no game plan at all. A business is making just enough profit to keep the questions at bay. This is so sad.

Fixing Broken Business

One of the things that I found while fixing automobile dealerships is that there were only a few key areas of disarray. The biggest was people. Either being in the right seats or their processes or lack thereof.

One of the missing components on almost all of them was their marketing. Over the years I found that they either had retreated and spent no money on them or they were spending in all the wrong places. Interesting enough I found that many of them were not measuring or adjusting. They had just taken their eye completely off the ball.

With that said, now you know why this is an important time to examine what you have done. Don’t forget, you probably set the first-quarter goals in the late fall. Now you can adjust in real time as the year starts unfolding. To be that nimble is a great thing. That is a major point of frustration in the bigger organizations. So if you have the ability to do that quickly you are already miles ahead of many others.

To be clear, it is not only adjusting on things the don’t work. It is also about doubling down on stuff that is working. Put even more money where you are making money.

It is time to really sit down and look at your marketing. Adjust the bad and ramp us the good. It is going to be a great year.

Digital Media is Here to Stay

Digital medial is here to stay. There can be no question that this is now a fact. Yet, week after week, I still see people throwing money away trying to go back to flyers. Or, worse yet, what about the dreaded direct mail?

When was the last time that you opened a piece of mail with a bulk-rate stamp? If you are like me, it is time to shred and move on. Yet when you have your head stuck on your social-media page and an ad scrolls up, you have no option but to view it.

Digital Media Gets More Exposure

With the two ways described above to receive exposure to your ad, which one is more efficient? That is why I say digital media is here to stay. With so many options for eyeballs these days, you really have to spend your money wisely.

We have been focused on Facebook and Instagram advertising for the past while now. When we first jumped in it was extremely inexpensive. It still is compared to anything else that is out there but we do notice the prices creeping up. Of course the reason for that is that more and more people are jumping in.

Slowly but surely we are hearing the all the excuses of why somebody doesn’t want to advertise digitally going away. And as both Facebook and Instagram open up avenues to market to, clients are seeing a lot more direct results. This is making it easier to track ROI and, of course, people like that.

Digital marketing is here to stay. The only thing left to decide is at what point do you jump in? Then the next thing is how far in do you go? If you are like most of our clients I can tell you that once you jump in, you will start doubling and tripling your budget spends. And you will do that because you will see the results and enjoy the return.

Digital marketing is here to stay. Are you ready?

Great Start to the New Year

This has been a great start to the new year. We have come out of the gate hot. So far we have had a number of new dealerships jump onboard with us. The results are rolling in for the clients that we currently have and the word is spreading.

Over the past six months the digital world has made a number of changes as to how we can advertise and earn customers. It has gone from driving folks to your web page to now having them contact you directly.

More Changes

With the coming year there will be more changes made yet. I am not sure where this will all go. One thing I do know is that now that we have captured the customer, it is up to us to make sure that customer is happy. We can’t insult them with old-school schlock.

With that said, I am still surprised at how many business owners still aren’t convinced that digital advertising is the way to go. I still have some of them telling me they are going to spend their money on radio and mail.

I understand that many in business go back to what got them to the dance. But that is not going to lead them to a great start to the new year. It will only leave them frustrated and then declare they aren’t going to advertise anymore. How many people have you seen stop advertising out of spite? Way too many.

New Changes

As the great world of digital marketing continues to evolve, so will business go. The smart ones will figure out how to have a great start to the new year. Others will tell you that people aren’t online. Some will continue to dump money into things like newspaper. But those paying attention will figure out that new changes can create great opportunities.

Great start to the new year? Oh, yeah, for those of us who are paying attention.

It is Time to Set Up Your Game Plan

With the new year coming fast, it is time to set up your game plan. If you haven’t you are probably a little behind at this point. Now is the time to look back at what worked and what can you tweak to come up with an effective game plan to start the year off right.

So, how do you go about the task to set up your game plan? You can break the year down in quarters, halves and an overall year. Based upon this you will  have plenty of time to adjust as you go along.

Make It Mobile

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you set up your game plan down in writing is to make sure you can make it mobile. Things will change as the year rolls out. Some of those things will be items you can control. Many of those things will be things that you can’t control.

Over the coming year you may had and subtract staff and products. You might find that the market changes in front of you. With the way things are going now though, one of the biggest changes may just be in technology. There may be new products coming on the market that can help your business grow. If you aren’t flexible in the game plan however, you won’t be able to adjust to the new horizons.

The great news is that you still have some time remaining in this year to look ahead to the future. Keep an open mind. Set some goals that are realistic and come out of the shoot hard and fast. Nobody can determine your fate but you.

The coming year is going to be a good one. Get a good solid game plan together so that you can enjoy it. And have some fun doing it.

How To Market Today

How to market today is very simple. The first thing you have to do is forget some of the things you learned in the past. That won’t be easy for many of you but it is the truth. If you really want to learn how to market today you are going to have to change.

It is amazing how many people I talk to who are afraid to change from what they have been using. But, they sit and tell me how what they are doing isn’t working anymore. Does this make any sense? No, but they don’t listen to themselves.

I generally try to point this out to them but even with that they hesitate. What they did in the past is what got them to the dance. I get that. But then they ask me how to market today? That is where it gets baffling.

Change Is Key

For the life of me, I have no idea why anyone would step out and do a mailer for advertising in this day and age. Of course there are a few reasons to so, but very few. Right now, more than ever, your clients are all sitting on their phones at every minute they can steal. The fact is, you should be there when they go online. Go to where the fish are if you want to catch one.

Right now is a weird transition time. Seems like the younger people in a business get it. The older folks, I hate to say, will come to them and ask them how to market today. They will tell the boss what they have to do but then nothing gets done.

I actually worked with an auto dealer one time and the owner actually asked me why we needed an internet department? Can you imagine this.

So let’s keep it simple. How to market today? Change. And do it today!

So Much Opportunity With Digital Advertising Right Now

There is so much opportunity with digital advertising right now available to you right now that is has never been a better time to take advantage of it. From what is happening with Facebook and Instagram, it can only be compared to radio moving to TV way back in the day.

So how can I say that there is so much opportunity with digital advertising right now? I just did a digital campaign for a major car dealership. Using Polk Data and focusing on buyers who were looking for pre-owned autos, I was able locate them and get in front of them digitally.

To do that same thing in a mailer would have cost the dealer $3,800. To be in front of the very same customer via Facebook and Instagram marketing cost $20. I am very serious when I say that the world has changed. And I have news for you, it is going to change back.

As a person who has spent millions of dollars a year in marketing for my previous companies, I know what worked and what didn’t I had it down to a science. Those rules no longer apply. It is completely different now. And the train is going full speed ahead.

But amazingly, there are people who still doubt this. Just because you haven’t done it does not mean it doesn’t work. In the years to come where is your business going to be if you don’t change with the times?

Take a peek around you right now, look at every person in a line. Look at every passenger in a car. Look what people are doing just before a movie starts. That’s right, they are all looking at their phones. Why would you not want to get in front of every single person like that?

You know it and I know it at this point. You might not want to admit it. But right now there is so much opportunity with digital advertising right now, that it is screaming at you to make a move. Step up and reap the rewards.

Send me an email today for more info!

Time To Make Money

   Yes, it is time to make money. Tired of stressing every night over business? Are you fed up with making bad decisions because you are under so much pressure that you can’t think straight? Wondering why you hate going into your business everyday?

Then it is time to make money. Yes, it is that simple. It can be done. As a matter of fact, it is being done all around you. Stop and take a look. Why do you think you have so much competition? The answer is very simple, and you know what it is. Other people in your field are thriving. The question is, how can you join them? They have realized, it is time to make make money. Sometimes the road to money isn’t exactly that clear. No, sometimes a bunch of obstacles jump us. You probably aren’t familiar with a few of them. And that is ok. You can’t know everything.

But what is really important is that you recognize when you need help. Hence, you also need to be able to do is to simply ask for it. People do it everyday. It is a normal thing. In large corporations they have entire teams that come in to help out with situations.

I know a thing or two about coming into broken situations as I used to do it for a Fortune 500 company. Yes, I was a fixer. I helped a lot of people repair their broken stores. Often they were at wit’s end. It seems like they are so frustrated that they couldn’t see what was wrong.

The great part is that it seems at the end of the venture, the stores were making money again. All the bleeding had stopped and the profits started rolling in.

You did not start this business not to make money and be successful. Act on it.

Yes, it is time to make money.

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