Here Is A Huge Marketing Secret That Most Won’t Tell You About

Here is a huge marketing secret that most won’t tell you about in 2018. And why won’t they tell you? It is because they are more concerned about their business than your business. They could care less what happens to you as long as they make the sale.

The secret to running a great advertising campaign isn’t just about buying marketing and implementing it. No, the real secret is how you answer those leads at your end.

Think about it. If you spent thousands on a campaign and then dropped the ball when the customers called in or even came in, was it dollars well spent? Will there be any ROI?

Stop The Burn

The reality is you may as well stand in front of your business and light $100 bills on fire if you drop the ball handling the traffic. Sadly this is what it is like to many businesses. Then when it comes to accountability time, everyone complains how the promotion sucked.

What happens next is that the business gets cold feet about running any sort of promotions again and goes back to accepting lower sales numbers and less on their bottom line. They figure that is just the way it goes.

First and foremost, you have to take a hard look at your process of handling traffic. I say it time and time again, but you need to listen to your phone calls. Not to point out the bad but to bring to light the good. Use the other calls as opportunities.


Watch, with a critical eye, how your people handle customers coming in. Are they greeted warmly. Is a needs analysis being done. Is there an upsell being asked for?

These simple steps apply to everything from selling cars to selling meals to selling drinks. Folks, we are all sales people. Another term for bartender? Sales person. Waitress? Sales person. It goes on and on.

So before wasting money on something that you have no hope in getting a return on, set yourself up for success. Look inward first then start driving traffic.

Hit us up if you would like some help with this. We are experts at it. Hope this helps.